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Feb 21, 06:46 PM
Category Branding, Experimental, Motion  

My final MA project. In short, I created a proposition for a new animation television channel aimed at a 15+ audience, and then developed the branding for it. The ‘Flux’ name stemmed from the idea of animation being phases of motion – a state of flux being in constant change. This one core idea formed the basis for all visual manifestations of the brand.

(September 2004)

Feb 21, 06:15 PM
Category Experimental, Motion  

This short film was a one week collaborative project based on a short trip to Dungeness, an old fishing village on the south-east coast that is also home to a nuclear reactor. The film aimed to convey the jarring contrast between the stark beauty of the natural landcape and the impact of the reactor on the community there. The film was designed to be projected on two opposite walls, with separate soundtracks, but is shown here side-by-side with audio split into left and right channels.

A collaboration with Adriana Knott, Gary Chan and Sylvia Hassett.

(October 2003)