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Dec 1, 09:14 PM
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Pfizer (Consumer Healthcare) had numerous initiatives and programmes centering around innovation, but wanted something to tie them together into one consistent overall communications programme or campaign.

We won the pitch – the third route was chosen for development – but PCH was sold to Johnson&Johnson shortly after and the project was reduced in scope to a newsletter.

Pfizer Innovation Branding

Route 1
This route took each of the factors in Pfizer’s innovation process and made them a superhero, characters that could inspire and work in a very flexible way. The graphic language of comicbooks would work across employee comms – a newsletter would become a comicbook, a management memo could be brought to life with a ‘KA-POW’.

Pfizer Innovation Branding

Route 2
This route played on the idea of a secret department – ‘Q’ in James Bond, the Men in Black, etc – to create the ‘Department of Innovation’. The launch would generate an air of mystery, a buzz, with a series of spacial solutions that are not fully explained. Communications that then followed would have a strong impact – who wouldn’t want to receive a “Top Secret” memo from the Department of Innovation?

Pfizer Innovation Branding

Route 3
This route brought the concept that innovation is something that is ever-changing to life. A malleable form could be sculpted to form anything – a truly flexible solution.

(September 2006)

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Canon Europe Library of Life

Canon Europe Library of Life

Canon Europe Library of Life

Canon Europe Library of Life

Art direction for Canon’s library of life – a photo library for use on internal communications. Previously Canon had used standard ‘cutout’ shots, with the subject in very obvious poses with products. For this collection we wanted to create aspirational but believable characters in more natural environments, with the products placed in a more realistic way (and sometimes not placed at all) – helping Canon to show more confidence in itself.

The new library proved so popular that many shots were used externally across Europe, as well as internally.

Photography: Paul Robinson

(August 2006)

Dec 15, 10:02 PM
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The Canon brandsite was an online resource for employees, external agencies and business partners that provided guidelines and resources for working with the Canon brand.

Working within the technical constraints of Canon’s enterprise content management system (Tridion), the brief required the brandsite to be user-friendly, dynamic and to communicate clearly the elements that help define the Canon brand. Our solution used a simple, flexible structure, Flash to add dynamism and opening section – the Brand Story – that showed the key aspects of the Canon brand in an engaging way.

The brandsite won an Award of Excellence (Best Intranet category) at the CiB Awards 2007.

(March 2006)

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